What a lot has happened in the past 22 years!

I’m shocked it’s been twenty two years since I’ve been busy with Non-Violent Communication. Time really flies.
The translation and appearance of the first book and the establishment of the Center for Non-Violent Communication was in 1996. It all started with a night at the seaside with Rosenberg, who has passed away since The beginning of the spread of Non-Violent Communication in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Now NVC is pretty well known. Something that makes me quite proud.


How amazingly fun it was to view and digitize the publicity part of the archive.

There is an overview on you-tube .

Names, logos and colours of the company have changed. So did I: grown, learned, unlearned and become older. What has remained is my passion for people and communication.
A passion which I share with a lot of love. Seeing beauty in people, how we (can) relate to each other, is celebrating life.

What is also the same, are the ways in which I do that: training, lecturing, coaching and writing. There are now four books, blogs, a Boosty every week and ‘all kinds of everything’.
On the to-do list are a children’s book, a sequel to ‘I would like to talk with you’ and vlogging.

New is my development of the Model for Personal Autonomy (mPA). It’s about communicating with yourself when you get in shock, which you slightly do dozens of times a day. Because of the shock your thinking and acting changes. The pattern that arises usually causes damage in the form of an emotional cramp or an extreme outburst of anger.

The annual training ‘My optimal I’ ensures a breakthrough of that pattern.

What does one actually say’ is a training that can be the first acquaintance with NVC and mPA. It provides insight into the psychology of communication in daily practice.

Together with former participant and colleague Theo Koster, I will soon be giving training in intimate relationships again. A new form and another name: Madonna and Buddha. Both as a symbol for the feminine and masculine energy that is in each of us and that are sometimes diametrically opposed. Not only in the relationship but also in ourselves.

Together with former participant Martijn Bakker, the training ‘Non-Violent-Fighting’ is in the pipeline. Martijn, physiotherapist and haptotherapist, is an avid Aikido practitioner. The basic attitudes of Aikido correspond to the elements of the NVC model. A great combination and training.

I am happy to write a newsletter again. Happy to make contact again. You too, I hope. Let me know how you are doing or come (again) to do a training.
Kind regards,