Not much is happening within your comfort zone. It is safe and ‘cozy’.  What tends to be uncomfortable you wipe it under the rug, ignore it or you walk over it. Not out of unwillingness, but from the convenience of being in your comfort zone.
The possibility of wondering, gaining insights or growing is therefore small.

Sanding while communicating with others means that you are affected at parts of you that you need work on. Others may feel not entirely comfortable with parts of your behavior, your thinking or your character that they have noticed and therefor it impacts the quality of the relationship.

If the relationship has the quality of mutual support and service, you will need to express what is abrasive to it.  In such a relationship is enough safety to both speak and listen.

By listening and consulting yourself, you create space to take responsibility: will I do something with it or not? Because only you can decide to change something.