I was born in the north of Friesland and from my teens, deep curiosity and wonder are my moving forces.  Its  about me being in existence, alive and about the diversity of life everywhere around me. Because of this I became involved in a number of social movements in search of fundamental changes on both social and personal levels. When I attended the Social Academy and after that numerous trainings, among which Mediation and  Terminal Care, I noticed how essential communication is. Clarity, in what both I and the other want to say, without creating an inextricable knot of non-checked assumptions or open trauma’s from the past, makes the difference. The basic training Non-violent Communication up to the Trainers Education I attended led by Inga Teekens. I’m glad with the confidence given to continue the work of Inga and Autonomica.

Somebody about me

I can’t name a more authentic person then Theo Koster. His differentiated way of thinking, his carefulness and great flair for language make him an excellent communicator. Theo has at his disposal a mature wisdom, larded with a great sense of humor. His natural nonviolence, I can’t recall catching him at judgements, coupled to sharp discernment are followed by well-considered conclusions and recommendations. Theo’s vulnerability goes together with tremendous vitality, creativity and perseverance to deal with life’s obstacles.

Inga Teekens