The Hague is the city where I was born and raised. I have travelled a lot and worked with great curiosity and pleasure in various European countries, Asia and America. There I obtained a lot of experience about communication and diversity. I am always curious about what motivates people and what brings them to move.

What fascinates me is how I can turn differences into synergy instead of conflicts. It is my conviction that every man and woman has his or her own responsibility to take and can contribute to a healthy cooperation and a vibrant society. The basis for this is personal autonomy. Therefore I developed the Model for Personal Autonomy.


After a career in business I started my own business in 1982. People, what motivates them and how they can function optimally, is the recurring theme in my work. Management consultation, coaching, and training is the form. My working relationships are to be found in companies, government, profit and non-profit organizations in the healthcare, mental healthcare, and educational sectors. I work in the Netherlands as well as internationally.

PhotoReading and Non-Violent Communication were introduced by me in the Netherlands and Belgium in 1994 and 1996. I wrote several books and publications on the subject and translation work. As a public speaker I use humour and anecdotes from my own life to bring the subject alive. The translation of the stories into doable acting in daily practice provides inspiration and motivation.


“You have impressed me, in an unwavering way, as a woman who searches for her ‘own strength’.
You have shown this not only by your own way of thinking but also by your unique way of expressing, both verbal and non-verbal. This impressed me because I saw vulnerability. You want to be understood as much as you want to understand others and that is what you’re going for. It has, to this very day, worked for me as an example. Because strength and vulnerability go hand in hand.”

Dr. Bert (HHF) Derkx MD, PhD – Pediatrician, Psychoanalyst