What is the reason? Disturbed work relations, stagnating performance, (latent) conflicts, faltering communication, the need for more unity in the team or the need for personal leadership or personal autonomy. What is the starting point? The model for Personal Autonomy. What is the approach? We make that choice together.

Autonomica focuses on professionals who work in vital places in society: HRM, healthcare, mental health care and education. It is precisely here that you find people who want to commit themselves to autonomous and authentic functioning, of themselves as well as of others. People who want to work effectively and decisively from an inner balance, in a healthy working atmosphere.
Professionals are also private individuals. So you are also very welcome in this capacity.

Do you want to get started and create lasting relationships? Contact us for an intake interview. Together we investigate what fits best: consultancy, research with diagnosis and advice, individual guidance, team coaching or training. In all cases, Non-Violent Communication is the basis and the Model for Personal Autonomy the guiding principle.